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What Is Basketball?

Basketball is a game that is played by people all over the world and now it is one of the most popular games over the whole wide world. This game is played between two teams having five players in each of the two teams as well. The score is calculated when one team scores a goal by putting the ball through the basketball net of the hoop of the basketball court, it is done by throwing the ball aiming the hoop and then the ball’s speed is slowed down by the net of the hoop and then the team is given a point as well.

Now let us talk about the rules that have to be followed when the game of basketball is being played between two teams. Each team has to score a goal by shooting the ball through the hoop that is elevated 10 feet above the ground on the rectangular floor called a basketball court. This court is divided into two main sections by the mid court line. In the start the offensive team puts the ball and plays the game for at least 10 seconds then they get the ball otherwise the defensive team gets the ball.

As soon as a team scores a point, they get two points and the ball is given to the other team to get the game resumed again. If the basket or the field goal is made from outside the three-point arc, then that specific basket is worth a whole three points, otherwise there is two points. A free throw gets one point to the team that gets the free throw and then scores a point to by putting the ball through the net of the basketball hoop over there on the court. Click here for more info on basketball hoop.

Just like any game played in this whole world, basketball also has some rules for having done a foul. These personal fouls can be, hitting pushing, slapping, holding and any kind of illegal screening or picking done by the team member of the other team so that they get a favor in the throe or as an attempt to block the path of the team against the specific member. These fouls have penalties as well, like three free throws are awarded to the player who is fouled while he was aiming to shoot a three pointer. And if the player has anyway scored the three pointer, then he is given one more shoot and so he can end up having a 4 points score in the end of this. If an offensive foul is committed for example a member of the opposite team is pushed by the defensive player, then the other team has to give the ball to the team who was fouled by them.