Using The Time You Are Away From Work

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A good relationship and connection among the members of a work place can be vital. Being in friendly terms and knowing your team mates can help work get done more efficiently, smoothly and with minimum issues. But a good relationship doesn’t simply appear out of thin air; it takes time and working through things together. A few activities done together in the off-office times can help improve and strengthen the connection among your members, and make working together much easier. Here are a few such activities.

Having regular meals togetherFood has a great way in connecting people and helping them strengthen their bonds. Most people fall easily into a pattern of grabbing a regular meal with the members; and if your team doesn’t do this, then it’s time that you did. Whenever possible, and you’re not bogged down with work, try to lunch together. If possible, make a routine that will include catching dinner together at least once a week. Even a Friday night, after work round at a café or bar can also work.

Trying out a team sportThis depends largely on the interest of the members. If they like playing sports, and don’t mind taking up a new sport in the interest of building the connection between members, then do give team sports a try. From swimming to cycling to even football, there are many sports you can try out that will help you understand each other better. Cycling clothing online can be interesting to create; and will only add to the fun. Apart from helping you create a better relationship with the members, it also helps to make you more fit. Who’s going to be sad about that?

Grabbing those holidaysMental health is as important as physical health; and this is why most offices have mandatory holidays. If the members are not too eager about working out together, and even the thought of team cycling jerseys doesn’t tempt them, then find out if they’d like to holiday together. As it’s possible that you will not all get holidays together, aim to grab a mini weekend holiday when it’s possible. Camping, beach trips, or even weekend hiking trips are all great ideas to try out; and promotes working as a together as a whole.   

Building memoriesBuilding memories together is a fail proof way to build a better connection with anyone. Doing the above will definitely help you and your team build memories. Apart from these, you can also try to celebrate life moments together. Birthdays, weddings, the birth of one of your member’s child, a funeral in a member’s family; these are all important times that needs to be spent together. Apart from helping your member draw strength, it also gives them the assurance that you’ve got their back; inevitably forming a stronger bond among the team.