The Necessities Of Protection In Cricket

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In this international game of gentlemen which normally viewed as a game which is played at much slow pace, with longer time in the pitch and short breaks in between. As any other sport known this too could be dangerous if not played carefully and the rules presented followed. The combination of the bat and the hard leather ball could be considered a lethal relationship. When thrown, the ball can reach up to 90 meters per hour in speed levels which if in contact with a player could lead to injuries and fracture of bones in the body. Therefore, it is necessary that the player follows the right rules of the game and always have the necessary gear to keep the tension of a possible injury out of the way.

There are several known sport gears among the enthusiasts and players alike, one of the basic things you need is the bat. In a country playing and representing the game it is much easier to find cricket bats for sale. Kids and adults of all ages tend to engage in the game so it is easier to find most of the gear in just a few distances of a walk to a nearby sports shop. The game could be played as a leisure time activity and don’t need all the equipment used by professionals to play a simple game amongst your friends or peers. But if you are serious about pursuing a professional career as a player then there are certain things you will need to buy in order to fall in line with the veterans and the game rules.

The other form of protection from being hit by the ball are the pads, there are two types pads and thigh pads, there are very important to in order to get the confidence needed to get in line behind the ball and to the least have the option of playing in an accepted manner. There are cricket pads for sale at every major sporting clothes outlet. They should at no given time make you feel uncomfortable, you should be able to run fast while wearing them so it’s very important that you find the right fit.

Then you get the type of protection that helps keep you from getting any chest injuries, the chest guard safeguards a vital part in your body, while you can be sure to not get hit by the ball in the chest. It could sometime act unexpectedly and cause you trouble, so that’s why it’s important to remember to wear one.