The Best Exercises For Your Body That Are Easy To Do

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Going to the gym to get exercise is not for everyone but there are still plenty of exercises you can do without having to visit a gym to get more fit. Here are just four easy exercises that will do wonders for your body if you stay committed and do them regularly.


Walking has numerous benefits. If you walk on a regular basis you can maintain a healthy weight and prevent fat from getting collected in the body making yourself look more toned, it also strengthens bones and muscles and can prevent conditions like type two diabetes, high levels of blood pressure or even heart disease! It can improve your inner state of mind by keeping you in a good mood and can also improve your balance and coordination. If you already walk for exercise on a regular basis, then you can add work-outs like yoga Fitzroy to your daily activities as this too is immensely good for you.


Swimming is an excellent all-round activity as it builds stamina, cardiovascular fitness and gives you more control of your breathing. Not to mention it is relaxing for you in addition to being really beneficial to your health. Anyone can swim regardless of age or fitness level. If you do not have your own pool do not worry you can simply hop over to one of the public pools for which you may have to pay a dollar or two to enter and then swim to your hearts content.

Tai chi

This fascinating form of Chinese martial arts is good for both the body and mind. It is a gentle and soothing exercise which makes you better coordinated and more mindful of your body. It is especially supposed to improve balance, control of your body and flexibility. Parts of Tai chi have been passed down for now nearly a thousand years and research shows that you cannot go wrong with Tai chi as your daily or weekly workout as it will do a lot of good to your body.

Strength training workouts

Which you can do through yoga and if you do not know how to do this then take some yoga classes and you will get a sufficient amount of exercise on a daily if not weekly basis. Yoga is a fairly relaxed way to do strength training but if you want to do something more intense then there is always weight-lifting. However, just remember that you should not start with heavy weights right away, begin with small amounts and then keep progressing. Use dumbbells of a few kilos and then slowly add to that. Not only are these exercises easy to do but they are also good fun especially if done in a group. If you cannot do these exercises on a regular basis just make sure that you get some other form of exercise as you should always be taking care of your body.