How To Shed Those Extra Pounds After Motherhood

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Are you a soon to be mother? Or maybe you just had your baby. Either way the feeling as well as the joys of motherhood are limitless. It will be stressful and tiring and you will feel exhausted through the many sleepless nights that you are sure to have but the rewards will outweigh these little hiccups by far. One question that has baffled women since the beginning of time is going back to their former body shape and structure after childbirth. While some women will handle this gracefully others might have more of a trouble figuring out how their new body works for them. However, there are many ways in which you can come off those extra pounds that you gained while being pregnant and here is how.

Make time for yourself somehow

For you to be able to love another human being or anything fully, you first need to respect and love yourself fully. Finding time for you can be next to impossible soon after giving birth but that should not deter you. If you cannot do it daily allocate a few hours or at least one hour per week where you can take care of yourself. It will make you appreciate your new motherhood even more.

Understand your body

Effective Post pregnancy weight loss is a challenging goal but it is not impossible. Understand the biology of your body. It has just gone through crazy hormonal changes and has been carrying another human being around for nine months. Your skin will therefore have stretch marks. But they can be removed with time. You will have a wider waistline and perhaps a bit of flab but that too can be changed over time. Respect yourself and give your body time to get back to normal. Work towards it and set realistic goals. Do not expect to be beach body perfect in two months.


Unless there were complications in your delivery and your doctor has expressly administered bed rest for a while, most doctors will encourage a normal amount of activity on a daily basis. This will keep your blood circulation going and will bring up your metabolism. Avoid using excuses such as the fact that you are tired most of the time to avoid working out completely. Opt for a small jog or walk to start with and build from there. There are also post-natal fitness instruction classes that will help you with slimming Hong Kong down, even though getting somebody to come home and teach you might be costly, it is worth it because it is for you.

Eat well

Do not go on starvation diets in a rush to get think fast. You will be nursing your baby and you need to be in good health. Eat well and eat often. If your metabolism had slowed down during the time of pregnancy, the best way to boost it right back up is to eat metabolism inducing vegetables and fruits at regular intervals throughout the day. You will not need hours for this. Just have some fresh vegetables and fruits ready to eat at all times.